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Recipe: Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

We went to a potluck this weekend and nothing says potluck like cookie bars. So we refashioned one of our favorite Cake in a Crate kits to make just that. Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. It’s what happens when Danielle’s genius vegan, gluten-free recipe mashes up with a little Midwest laziness. The result is so, so wonderful. Perfectly sliceable and perfectly shareable. (Can we say we like it almost as much as the cookie version?!) Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars Prep time: 10 minutes, plus 1 hour to freeze   |   Cook time: 35-40 mins    |   Yields: 16 small bars […]

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Recipe: Creamy Banana Porridge

Meet the breakfast we’ve been eating every morning this winter. It’s cozy, comforting, and slightly reminiscent of classic Cream of Wheat. Because sometimes it’s just too cold to start your day with a smoothie. Let’s set the record straight. Eight months of the year, smoothies are our go-to. Nothing’s easier than popping fruit, almond milk, and protein into a blender and going to town. But once winter set in this year, it was time for something a little different. Something warmer. Something piping hot. So we heated up our favorite banana smoothie, and lo and behold, we got porridge. Rich, creamy, dreamy banana porridge, best […]

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Recipe: PB&J Breakfast Bowl

Admit it. Nothing hits the spot like some good old fashioned PB&J. And while you could just slap together a few pieces of bread and call it a day, we believe in something a little bit fancier. Minimal effort, maximum deliciousness. (And pretty to look at never hurt.) Step 1: Roast seedless Concord grapes for that super grape flavor. Turn oven to 450F, wrap grapes in tinfoil with a teaspoon of maple syrup, bake for 10 minutes. Step 2: Warm up your peanut butter so it gets nice and creamy. 30 seconds in the micro should do it. Step 3: Grab […]

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Recipe: Nutty Seedy Fairy Toast

Have you ever heard of Fairy Bread? If you’ve never been to Australia, it’s possible that you’ve gone your entire life without knowing about this magical, day-making thing. Drumroll, please… How to Make Fairy Bread Of course that sounds very nice, but we had to mix things up a bit over here. We had to bring plants into the mix and find a healthier way that still tasted absolutely indulgent. Enter a life-changing recipe for the absolute best bread we know (flourless, nutritionally dense, takes only two hours to set, and no yeasting), toasted for good measure + a coconut […]

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Recipe: Homemade Cocoa Crispies

Admit it, at times there’s nothing better than a big bowl of cereal drenched in cold milk. I eat mine when my fiancé’s away and it’s just me on an off night, binge-watching Friends, and I can’t be bothered to cook dinner for one. Cereal is simple, it’s comforting, and sometimes it’s downright indulgent, especially the sugary kind. But for one reason or another, be it outdated cartoons or the Instagram wave of oats and groats and puddings and toasts, it’s been all but forgotten. Until now. I swapped sugar for maple syrup, standard cocoa powder for some really good quality stuff, and all […]

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Recipe: Frosted Brownie Batter Milkshake

It’s hot outside. Over 90, too hot to move, too hot to think, too hot to run. Too hot to eat anything except, perhaps, a milkshake. A brownie batter milkshake, with frosting on top. So healthy you could eat it for lunch, this perfectly sweet nutrient-dense shake is filled with secret ingredients you’ve probably got stocked in your kitchen. Some of them might take you by surprise, but before you get doubtful, just give it a try. Next thing you’ll be in chocolate paradise and, promise, you’ll never look back. And the boost of protein and healthy fats may just give you the energy […]

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Recipe: Strawberries and Cardamom Cream

It’s summertime and the berries are ripe. Numerous. Begging to be made into simple desserts, like this one: strawberries and cardamom cream. This recipe nods to a childhood summer night favorite, updates the cream, and makes it an anytime thing in two simple parts. First, a gentle cashew cream, lightly sweetened and laced with vanilla bean and cardamom. Then, strawberry halves macerated in lemon juice and coconut sugar. Pour the thick cream, garnish with strawberries, and there it is. Guiltless, gentle, and vegan without the frills. Nutrient-rich and subtly Scandinavian. Keep the ingredients on hand and you’ll be ready for casual parties, dinners at home, or a mid-morning treat, just you […]